Kents Cavern: The Three-Part Client Story

Hear the thoughts of Nick Powe of Kents Cavern as the restaurant refurbishment project progresses.

This three-part client-led story focusing on our work at Kents Cavern in Torquay is the first of a new feature on our blog.

Our aim is to share our clients’ perspectives as a project progresses from concept to completion.

This will be done in the following stages:

1. Ambitions and motivation for the project.
2. Thoughts during the middle of the project build.
3. Feelings upon completion.

The project for Kents Cavern includes a complete makeover of their restaurant in the visitor centre.

Said Nick Powe, Director “Fruition’s designs for the Firestone Kitchen fit perfectly with my ambition for a steep change in the food and drink offer at Kents Cavern; a colourful and contemporary space that subtly evokes the cavern’s Stone Age heritage. Into this, we will add a menu inspired by the wild… by Devon… by the caves, opening on 10th February 2018.”

We will provide an update on our social media channels when the story is updated.